With an intense work of writing, Alejandro made up thinking in the group, in the available materials and different outcomes that may arise when cross musicians as talented as Álvaro Torres on keyboards, Juan Manuel Alfaro in tenor sax, Leo Tegli on guitar and Guido Martínez on bass. There are decisions and positions that come to sync all the elements: Powerful Vamps near to the progressive rock, ostinatos and complex rhythms, Candombe, Brazil, Fusion, Latin Jazz, something of Funk. Fundamental particles that make up a homogeneous, rich and forceful music where it is.

  1. Cimiento
  2. Pensamientos
  3. Concretando ilusiones
  4. Suspicacia
  5. Ayer vino hoy cebá
  6. Jengi's man
  7. En sincro
  8. El infusionista
  9. Segundo por escalera
  10. Inicio
  11. Proactivo


Third working solist, in which discusses new territories: sounds, rhythmic and arregements. With its already recognized compositional wealth, Diego Alejandro manages to overcome the challenge of repeat without straying from their identity, but extending it. A proposal in which each of these musicians recognized versatility and experience, how are Álvaro Torres, Guido Martínez, Juan Alfaro and Leo Tegli; is slide with total naturalness about a repertoire eclectic, leaving its mark in varied styles and rhythms Latinos. PAI RECORDS c.2012 

  1. Síntesis
  2. Mirá cómo te lo digo
  3. Maestro Mielnik
  4. Anclado en Barbados
  5. Iá tú sábe
  6. Deliveryando
  7. Que va?
  8. Colchón de yerba
  9. Rouge
  10. Vía intuición
  11. Drive
  1. Llamen a Alan
  2. El Titi
  3. Casualidad o destino
  4. Pascoal
  5. Está que vuela!
  6. Elm
  7. Escapándole al frío
  8. Alien Orifice
  9. Surgió en la calle
  10. Ya veremos
  11. Te por CD


A proposal that the concept of latin jazz exece, because experiment in addition, other territories with equal virtuosity and creativity. "Casualidad o destino" is the new proposal in which Diego Alejandro, respected drummer for the local scene from the jazz and the bossa-nova, takes the role of composer and conductor of this Quartet formed by Álvaro Torres on piano, Guido Martínez on bass and Juan Alfaro on sax tenor and soprano.
"Casualidad o destino" contains 11 tracks that pass through different styles, varying in Afro-Caribbean, candombe and samba, Latin rhythms without losing the spirit of typical improvisation of jazz. PAI RECORDS c.2010

  1. Candombe apastoriusado
  2. Preparando el viaje
  3. 55
  4. Lavanderas del Río Chico
  5. Negritud
  6. Se...
  7. Pero...si sos vos
  8. Mi mejor amante
  9. Linha de passe
  10. Carta de presentación
  11. Humpty dumpty
  12. Ale Alvarendez y el cajón de Herbie


First record of outstanding drummer and percussionist, which proposes and accepts the FREE PLAY: each musician plays with his personality, through an eclectic repertoire that travels through different styles. Featuring musicians of great local renown: Daniel Maza, Marcelo Torres, Abel Rogantini, Beto Caletti, Ernesto Snajer, Alvaro Torres, Guido Martinez, Matias Mendez, Juan Alfaro, Daniel "Coqui" Didomenica and Federico Pecchia. MDR RECORDS c.2008