-It is one of the great musicians Argentines, owner of an amazing technique that lets you tackle any style easily, and make music from an instrument that always runs the risk of playing in the limits. "Unusual" for a drummer and percussionist, is the compositional refinement that exhibits Diego, as it is his concept arrenger. "Color palette" musicals that addresses profound Latin roots, moves with an exquisite pulse and at times vertiginous, Afro, Brazilian, River Plate textures and also the American jazz-funk

-Was born in the city of Buenos Aires on 11 July 1975. -He studied with the Master Roberto Junior Césari from 1990 until 1999. With it he addressed the study of snare drum and drums so rigorous and meticulous, thing that characterized his way of teaching. -Attended Master Classes with Casey Scheuerell (Berklee Professor, United States) in 1994, and was awarded a scholarship to study at Berklee, U.S..  -Took Brazilian Popular music courses at the University of Curitiba (Brazil) in the year 2000. -Studied percussion and language of Latin American music with Yéye López. 

Currently integrates: - Diego Alejandro Grupo, in which unfolds, apart from playing the drums, director, producer, composer and arranger, and is presenting its fourth album "En Sincro", part of which in local renowned musicians, such as: Álvaro Torres, Guido Martínez, Juan Manuel Alfaro and Leo Tegli, the same team that in "Via Intuición" their third CD. In his second work called "Casualidad o Destino", was in Quartet with Alvaro, Guido and Juan Manuel, featuring Juan Canosa and Gustavo Musso. The first album "Carta de Presentación" accompanied him, aside from his usual musicians, figures such as: Daniel Maza, Marcelo Torres, Beto Caletti, Ernesto Snajer, Abel Rogantini, Matías Mendez, Federico Pecchia and Daniel "Coqui" Didoménica.

-Ernesto Snajer trio, along with Guido Martínez, which have carried out a tour by Holanda-Dinamarca in 2009 and Barcelona in 2007, and accompanied in their shows by the Argentina recognized artists as: Lito Vitale, Juan Carlos Baglieto, Liliana Herrero, Javier Maloseti, Carlos Aguirre, Juan Quintero, Verónica Condomí, Franco Luciani, Mariana Baraj, Lisandro Aristimuño, Jorge Fontova, etc.
- Marcelo Torres Trio
- Abel Rogantini Quartet
(Cuerdas para la Música Popular Argentina)
- Jazz Big Band of "Tres de Febrero" 
- in 2002 he recorded with legendary Bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi, and made a tour by Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Argentina

- in 2003 played in the sixth International Jazz Festival of Paraguay together with Francisco Rivero (Argentine virtuoso guitarist)
- in 2005, participated in the International Jazz Festival of Lapataia, Uruguay , with Marcelo Torres project
- in 2007, made a tour by Catalonia, Spain, Brazil and Argentina with the Group Inmigrasons.
-In 2008 he participated in the Jazz Festival from Uruguay, "Jazz on the Street" together Abel Rogantini.
 Also made Gigs with:
- famous Brazilian singer María Creuza, Silvina Garre / Juan Baglieto, Nito Mestre / Garre, Ligia Piro, Osvaldo Belmonte, Sandra Mihanovich, Latinaje, Javier Lozano, Beto Caletti Trio trio, Adrián Birlis, Alejandro and Marcelo Devries, Belen Perez Muñiz, Helena Cullen, Adriana Ríos.
-Accompanied musicians from Hermeto Pascoal Group in their personal projects, such as André Marquez (pianist) and Vinicious Durim (saxophonist).
- Accompanied the legendary Brazilian bass player Sizao Machado (Elis Regina, Djavan, Chet Backer, Batacoto) and the Peruvian bass player Oscar Stagnaro (Paquito de Rivera, Calle54)
- Also played, during his visit to the Argentina, with the great guitarist John Stowell of USA and the pianist Héctor Martignon, Colombian who currently resides in the United States.

He played also with jazz figures from Argentine as: Horacio Larumbe, Jorge González, Alfredo Remus, Ricardo Lew, Hugo Pierre, Carlos Campos, Américo Belotto, Angel Sucheras, Manuel Fraga, Jorge Armani, Alejandro Santos, Marcelo Mayor, among others.